Say Goodbye to Pilling: Achieving Smooth Face Cream Application

Say Goodbye to Pilling: Achieving Smooth Face Cream Application

We receive occasional private messages from users expressing concerns such as: "In the morning, before applying makeup, the face cream forms pills immediately upon application." "My face cream and skincare products seem to be at odds with my skin, resisting absorption despite various massaging techniques." Today, we will delve into this matter and offer solutions for everyone.

First, let’s clarify what we mean by "pilling." This term accurately describes the occurrence where, upon applying emulsion or face cream and gently massaging it onto the skin, numerous small, white, pill-like particles form. This issue tends to be more prevalent during the autumn and winter seasons, characterized by drier weather conditions that impact our skin. If the face cream pills are, subsequent makeup will not adhere properly, and the face will feel rough as if it hasn't been thoroughly cleansed. Now, here are some of the common factors that contribute to this pilling phenomenon:


  1. Stratum Corneum Thickness: An imbalanced thickness of the stratum corneum plays a pivotal role. An overly thick stratum corneum hinders effective product absorption, while an excessively thin one prevents products from penetrating adequately. This imbalance results in the buildup of subsequent skincare or makeup products, ultimately contributing to the frustrating issue of pilling.
  1. Skin dehydration: If the skin frequently undergoes intense dryness, especially during autumn and winter or seasonal transitions in regions like China and Hong Kong, it has the potential to compromise the overall condition of the skin. The sluggish metabolic rate hinders the timely shedding of the stratum corneum, leading to the occurrence of pilling.
  1. Product issue: Face creams of poor quality may exhibit inadequate product permeability, contributing to the occurrence of pilling. Additionally, an excess of gelatinous components in the formulation can also be a culprit in this frustrating phenomenon.

Now that we have identified the causes of pilling, how can we improve it? As previously discussed, focusing on the stratum corneum is crucial. Integrate a mild exfoliating product into your weekly skincare routine to accelerate skin metabolism. Micellar water can soften the stratum corneum for those with sensitive skin, promoting faster metabolism and reducing pilling naturally.

Some users report no issues with face cream but experience pilling after applying sunscreen requires attention. Indeed, the issue arises from the fact that our hands lack pores, impeding their ability to fully absorb face cream. We often leave residual products on our palms after applying face cream with our hands. Subsequently, when sunscreen is applied to the hands, the combination of the remaining face cream and the film-forming agents in the sunscreen contributes to the occurrence of pilling. To mitigate this, it's advisable to use a wet wipe to thoroughly clean the hands, ensuring no residue remains before applying sunscreen. This simple step can significantly reduce the likelihood of pilling and enhance the effectiveness of both the face cream and sunscreen. 

Alternatively, consider LM Soelle Waterboost UV Protect Essence, an all-in-one skincare-grade sunscreen, with zinc oxide plus other active ingredients, effectively protecting the skin from harmful UV rays and pollution. Its self-hydration circle helps retain skin moisture, and its watery, milky texture ensures a non-greasy, non-pilling experience.

Moreover, when the skin's bottom layers experience severe dehydration or when the stratum corneum is thin and struggles to absorb products, a high-quality moisturizing product becomes indispensable. LM Soelle Weightless Waterboost Gel Cream serves as a versatile face cream suitable for all-day use. Enriched with a proprietary natural and patented Blue Complex, vegan collagen, and hyaluronic acid, it deeply hydrates the face. Whether applied as a makeup base, post-sun rescue, or an overnight sleep mask, this product offers profound nourishment and repair to the skin, and pilling after the use of a face cream will disappear. Bid farewell to the thick and sticky sunscreen experience by opting for skincare solutions that prioritize hydration and optimize product absorption!

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