White⁺Glow: The Evolution of a Holistic Skin Supplement

With great excitement, we launched our revolutionary skincare supplement, White⁺ Glow, meticulously crafted with patented ingredients PhytoflORAL® (white tomato extract), and Pycnogenol® (maritime pine bark extract).

This synergistic formula unlocks your skin's innate radiance with these two patented botanical extracts and other selected ingredients, providing comprehensive support for your skin's health and vitality for a truly rejuvenated complexion.

Harnessing Nature’s Purest Element for Healthy glowing Skin

Introducing Our — Weightless Waterboost Gel Cream

Discover the transformative potential of our new WaterBoost technology, fortifying the skin barrier and enhancing natural hydration for intense moisturization in any condition.

Formulated with the unique blend of Blue Complex, Vegan Collagen, and Hydrolyzed Hyaluronic Acid, this star product ensures comprehensive repair and hydration that surpasses mere moisturization.

glow now with the Ultimate Skincare powerhouse

White⁺ Glow, our advanced 4th generation skincare supplement. More than just a premium whitening supplement, it transcends traditional skincare to deliver a transformative experience of radiant luminosity from within.

It evens skin tone, protects against stressors and aging, firms skin, boosts collagen for a youthful look, retains moisture for a supple, dewy complexion, supports elasticity and resilience for smoothness, and defends against sun damage, enhancing sunscreen effects.

skincare education

Discover the science behind skin supplements – dietary allies in the quest for youthful skin. These supplements deliver vital nutrients and antioxidants through digestion, promoting cellular health and combating aging. Unlike topical treatments, they work systemically to enhance skin elasticity and resilience.


Three of LM Soelle™'s products have won the Daily Vanity Singapore Best of Skincare Award 2024. As we celebrate this remarkable achievement, we invite women everywhere to discover the transformative power of our award-winning products.

Discover the Waterboost Range

The water droplet in our logo, water, holds the key to unlocking the natural beauty that lies within every woman. We believe the key to achieving true healthy, glowing skin is hydration. 

Our Waterboost range, a topical skincare collection, is perfect not just for those with dry skin, but for women in all walks of life.

Designed and crafted for Asian skin

Heart and Soul of lm soelle™

Juliana and Wenus, Singaporean-based loving mothers, resilient women, and lifelong friends. Their journey together, marked by battles with breast cancer and difficult pregnancies, forged a sisterhood that defines who they are today and embodies the true essence of LM Soelle.

"Le Miracle de Soelle" symbolizes the miraculous nature of femininity, radiance, and beauty that women carry. At LM Soelle, we celebrate women's strength and adaptability. Our beauty products are crafted to support you through life's challenges, nurturing your skin health and wellness, and helping you glow from the inside out. Join our community and share in the meaningful friendship that inspires our brand.