Velvet Hydrate Milk Cleanser with Black Orchid Extract (Dry & Sensitive skin)

Velvet Hydrate Milk Cleanser with Black Orchid Extract (Dry & Sensitive skin)

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Experience The ‘Dark’ Secret behind Crystal Clear Fair Skin with this Velvet Hydrate Milk Cleanser. This water-soluble milk cleanser offers a unique cleansing ritual that is essential for beautiful skin. Containing Black Orchid Extract, this milk cleanser helps fight against free radical and UV Damage, hence slowing down the skin ageing process and enhancing skin’s natural moisturising capability to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Upon contact with water, it transforms into a luxurious cream and creates a protective film on the skin surface to prevent moisture loss while gently cleanses and melts all types of makeup and impurities effortlessly for a softer, radiant appearance.
Suitable for Dry & Sensitive skin
Velvet Hydrate Milk Cleanser

Key Ingredients
Black orchid extract
Helianthus Annuus seed oil
Sodium Hydroxide

Step 1
Step 2

Massage onto face and neck in gentle circular motion/direction

Step 3


Even though it is not specifically recommended for dry skin types, I'm using this milk cleanser to remove make up and my skin does not feel tight after washing it off with water. It effectively removes make up and sun protection products


I have acne/eczema prone skin and I find this cleanser very gentle and hydrating while it cleanses quite well. No irritation at all if you have sensitive skin give this a go!