LM Soelle's Collaboration With Miss International Macau Sulin Ip

LM Soelle's Collaboration With Miss International Macau Sulin Ip

LM Soelle teams up with Miss International Macau Sulin Ip to embark on a brand-new anti-ageing skincare journey.

Her positive attitude toward life seamlessly matches our brand's motto – “Glowing from the inside out”. She is Miss International Macau, Fashionista, Social Celebrity and Spokesperson of the Macau Shopping Festival Sulin Ip.

Passionate about skincare and life, and with 6 years’ experience in the show business, Sulin is multi-talented and has a well-established presence in the industry. Just like LM Soelle, she never stops pushing herself to excel.

When it comes to skincare, she decides to hydrate her skin from the inside out. In addition to traditional external skincare methods, she has also been taking oral products to boost her skin health.

Sulin makes a point to always be looking her finest. How can her skin always glow? Check out her skincare secrets below:

LM Soelle GlowMax Collagen Oral Spray & Snow Radiance 2.0

Regain baby-face smoothness with LM Soelle GlowMax Collagen Oral Spray. Moisturise your skin with small-molecule collagens, enhance hydration, and fight the formation of wrinkles.

● With our exclusive microencapsulation technology, one bottle supplies 10 days of collagen needs

● Quick absorption by intraoral capillaries which surpasses traditional oral collagens

● In a small, convenient bottle, youth is never far from your fingertips

New LM Soelle Snow Radiance 2.0 is an all-in-one supplement that focuses on protection from sun damage, skin whitening, and anti-ageing.

● Naturally derived ingredients

● Rich in premium skin whitening ingredients: Polypodium leucotomos, white tomato extract, and L-cysteine

● Unique blue light defence based on cutting-edge research, upgrading sunblock and skin whitening functionalities

● Multiple safety certifications: sugar-free, mercury-free, and hormone-free

For best results, pair these products with LM Soelle’s affordable luxury skincare line. Let your skin shine every day.

Join Sulin on this amazing skincare journey!