EXCLUSIVE 10-10 Sale Bundle
UV Defense

EXCLUSIVE 10-10 Sale Bundle

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Each bundle consists of 2 Boxes of Snow Radiance (30 Capsules) + 1 Box of Luminous Hydration Face Mask (6pcs)

Snow Radiance
A 3 in 1 oral supplement for skin whitening, UV protection, and antioxidant repair. SNOW RADIANCE is our new higher dose formulation that promises to unlock the secret to skin whitening. Using advanced patented technology of colourless carotenoids, Polypodium Leucotomos and L-Cysteine, SNOW RADIANCE provides both whitening and sun protection all in one capsule. Just taking two capsules a day will kickstart you on your journey towards a healthier and more radiant complexion.
Product Expiry Date: Apr 2022

Luminous Hydrating Face Mask
Our new luminous hydration face mask uses advanced bio-cellulose mask technology to lock in moisture and two active ingredients, resulting in beautifully hydrated, luminous skin. Our skin is largely made up of water and when it becomes dehydrated, it loses suppleness and elasticity, resulting in early signs of ageing.

Clinically tested on Asian skin, our luminous hydration mask not only offers deep hydration, but the preservative-free mask has an antioxidant effect thanks to the unique benefits of hard-working organic marine plant extracts.
Each box contains 6 pieces of bio-cellulose mask per box (24ml / piece)


Healthier & Radiant Complexion
Comprehensive Defence against UV Rays
Improves appearance of dark spots



PhytoflORAL (600mg per dose)
Polypodium leucotomos (500mg per dose)
L–Cysteine (300mg per dose)

3 main ingredients

An award winning natural supplement using non-GMO tomato species rich in colourless carotenoids, phytoene and phytofluene. This patented combination provides superior whitening, UVA and UVB protection with high antioxidant properties.

Polypodium leucotomos

Naturally extracted from a tropical natural fern found in the Americas, it has been used for centuries by the natives for its superior benefits. Now clinically proven to protect against UV radiation due to its antioxidant and DNA repair abilities.


A potent amino acid that has very high skin-whitening abilities. It prevents the production of dark spots when the skin is exposed to UV rays and stimulates the production of Glutathione, which is a strong skin-whitening antioxidant.


This supplement is the truth! I used for 3 months as the sales suggested. My skin really become brighten and reduced the dark spots on my face.

Elidia P.

It really work. Just got into my 3rd month and I have definitely noticed lightning in tone in my skin

Josephine L.
Preferably after meals
Take 2 capsules daily
Vegetarian Friendly

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