Story of LM Soelle™

A Note from Founders

Dear customer,

Thank you for choosing LM Soelle™ for your journey to healthy, luminous and protected skin. Staying true to our belief in harnessing from nature, we shortlisted and finally selected naturally sourced ingredients to ensure a more evolved, holistic approach to beauty.

Let the little miracles of beauty from LM Soelle™ be part of your daily skincare routine. Enjoy your effortless skincare transformation as you begin to embrace your beautiful and luminous skin! 

Warmest Regards,
Dr Wenus & Dr Juliana


“ LM Soelle” signifies the embodiment of sophistication and elegance exuded by women.
Women strive to be their best selves no matter the circumstance and to break through some of the most turbulent times that come with womanhood.
We have so many different stages in our lives, and our bodies and skin change with us. We adapt to every challenge. From some of those ups and downs, something wonderful can happen, and we develop meaningful friendships that enrich us.
A bond is formed when two women become great friends and support each other, which is sisterhood.

The skincare brand Le Miracle De Soelle, interpreted as “A miracle of Sophistication and Elegance,” represents the essence behind what it is to be a resilient woman.
It is also the story of the two great friends, Dr. Juliana Latif and Dr. Wenus Ho. They draw inspiration from their own life journeys to create their beauty skincare products.

Dr. Juliana battled breast cancer and recovered, but during the process, she had a variety of different skin and wellness issues from her treatment, while Dr. Wenus had a difficult pregnancy, is a mother of 4 children, and has a busy life that is always on the go.
Because they have gone through so much together, they were inspired to develop a skincare line for women to stay radiant and beautiful no matter what life throws at them.

Both Dr. Wenus and Dr. Juliana want the women they created this skincare line for, to feel like they can accomplish anything they may go through. They are extremely passionate about developing products that are solution-focused and target specific problems.
The products are formulated from their years of experience and understanding of science-driven research to achieve optimal efficacy. It is with a unique blend of premium and proprietary ingredients that LM Soelle™ products aim to tackle everyday skin problems for the modern woman with ease.

A female’s form is graceful yet can withstand some of the heaviest pressures, and no matter what, we want to remain in this divine form of glowing from the inside out.

Le Miracle De Soelle, let the little miracles of beauty help you in your everyday battle.