Background story of the 2 founders of the brand

Dr Wenus Ho was born in Hong Kong to a working class family who founded one of Hong Kong’s top business conglomerates, running a successful business empire which spans China, Hong Kong and Europe.  She still has fond memories of her early childhood in Canada, followed by her education and medical training years in United Kingdom.  She currently resides in Singapore after her marriage and is a doting mother to 3 boys.

Dr Ho is an experienced physician who has taken a special interest in Family Medicine, Women’s Health and Aesthetic Medicine. Her postgraduate training followed by years of clinical experience in Family and Aesthetic Medicine have provided her with broad exposure and excellent working knowledge of the common conditions encountered.

Since young, her parents have instilled in her life values which she abides by till this date.  They are integrity, tenacity and perseverance.  She has been inspired by her family’s successes in building up their business empire and it has always been her wish to follow in their footsteps and build a successful empire, with a like-minded partner who shares the same values as her.

Dr Juliana Latif was born in the same as year as Dr Ho in the Kingdom of Brunei.  Her father also came from a working-class family but managed to break through the shackles of poverty by pursuing a degree in Medicine.  With no running electricity at home, he remembers studying for his exams under a public lamp post on the road outside his humble home, just so that he can realise his dreams of becoming a Medical Doctor.

For his efforts, dedication and service to the Kingdom of Brunei, he would later be recognised and honoured by the Sultan of Brunei who bestowed the title of a Datoship to him.

Since young, Dr Juliana has been taught these values of kindness, hardwork and integrity by her father, and that respect needs to be earned and not given.  She pursued her higher education and medical training in United Kingdom as well and later moved to Singapore where she got married and found her life calling as a Family Physician.

It was purely by a stroke of fate that Dr Wenus and Dr Juliana’s paths crossed.  Imbued with the same life values and driven by a common passion and dream to build a new business, they founded Fusion Medical Group which now has her flagship medical centre in the heart of Orchard Road in Singapore.  Together with a team of dedicated doctors, nurses and health professionals, they run a very successful Aesthetics and Medical practice, catering to both Singaporeans and overseas patients from all around the world.

Throughout their teenage and adulthood, both Dr Wenus and Dr Juliana were constantly looking for ways to achieve radiant, flawless skin and retard the process of skin ageing.  They have tried multiple different products available on the market but were never truly satisfied with the purported results of these products.  Marrying their years of clinical experience in dealing with Asian skin and their medical knowledge, they decided to create their own skincare brand “Le Miracle De Soelle”, the Miracle of Soelle which would liberate modern ladies to continue their pursuit of beautiful skin.  Understanding the rigours and busy schedules of modern working females, they wanted to create a premium skincare range which were results driven, backed by extensive medical research.  With their values as practising medical doctors, they are adamant that this brand identity had to be built upon a foundation of trust and that all the products had to be safe and efficacious for their consumers.