Luminous Hydration Face Mask (6 pieces)
Luminous Hydration Face Mask (6 pieces)
Luminous Hydration Face Mask (6 pieces)
Luminous Hydration Face Mask (6 pieces)
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Luminous Hydration Face Mask (6 pieces)

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Our new luminous hydration face mask uses advanced bio-cellulose mask technology to lock in moisture and two active ingredients, resulting in beautifully hydrated, luminous skin. Our skin is largely made up of water and when it becomes dehydrated, it loses suppleness and elasticity, resulting in early signs of ageing.

Clinically tested on Asian skin, our luminous hydration mask not only offers deep hydration, but the preservative-free mask has an antioxidant effect thanks to the unique benefits of hard-working organic marine plant extracts.

Each box contains 6 pieces of bio-cellulose mask per box (24ml / piece)


Simple & Effective

Intense absorption
The cutting-edge biocellulose sheet uses a biotechnology process to create a luxurious mask that delivers intense absorption of active ingredients for long-lasting moisture retention that quenches thirsty skin.



Pentylene Glycol
Gigartina Stellata
Ascophyllum Nodosum
Sodium Hydroxide
Polysorbate 20


Best Face Mask
I’ve bought this Soelle face mask 3 times now, it’s an absolute necessity for anyone with even remotely dry skin. It’s honestly incredible and the only face mask I really like most. It is a 5-star product. Thank you.

Mel Rucker

See the difference immediately!!
I used this mask once and immediately saw a difference in my skin. My husband alot said that my face looked more moist and healthier.

Shari K. Larson